Every dish served is an art of service mastered by every staff at Signature. As Mr. Sanjeev says they serve Joy and Happiness hand in hand with delicious food. Their classic service of care makes every individual entering signature feel that they are home away from home


The ambience of Signature is surrounded by warmth and care. Situated in the Nation Galleria , Abu Dhabi, Signature restaurant has earned its signature by adding color to the mall. It has quenched the thirst of many food lovers in Abu Dhabi with different dishes and the splashing red and chocolate décor that it portrays. As Mr. Sanjeev says we put art in the plate likewise he has put art not only in the plate but also to the environment of Signature. The very smell of food from signature draws the public in without any hesitation.


Signature is not only a food hub but is also serves a feast to every customers eye. Located in a wonderful place it is surround by nature and sport that makes it even more fun loving. The F1 racing, the air shows and the calmness of nature go hand in hand while we relish the ravishing taste of Indian delicacies. Feel the peace in your mind as you experience the explicit dishes and the beauty of nature.


With a spread of 8,000 square feet, Signature has three private dining rooms along with one wall that each seat six. A larger private room (with glass walls) can seat up to 20 guests. It also has an indoor terrace with nine tables. It portrays the work of a live chef thereby gaining the trust and interest of the public. There are several other places of dining in Signature for the VIP’s too hence making it comfortable for all walks of life. There are three private dining rooms along one wall that each seat six.


Hand-picked from India the menu at Signature restaurant is a balance of unique and famous dishes from Indian cuisine.

These mouthwatering dishes have been created with special care by adding both love and warmth to it.

Every dish shadows the culture and diversity that Indians share in various countries across the globe.

The combination of varied dishes serves as a treat to our beloved customers who make our restaurant a kitchen away from home.


Dubbed as the perfect haven for those who appreciate culinary arts, Signature By SANJEEV KAPOOR has revolutionized both the dining and culinary experience in the city of Abu Dhabi by Redefining Indian Cuisine.

It is certain to be the most coveted destination for those seeking an exquisite dining experience coupled with impeccable service and innovative entertainment.

The Fine dining Indian cuisine inspired food concept at Signature combines the sophistication and refinement of the Indian culinary principles with the ingredients and philosophies of incredible India and represents the diversity, culture and heritage of Indian gastronomy.


As Roger Babson “The successful man is the one who had the chance and took it” likewise Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor is the man behind every mind blowing recipe at Signature. His unbelievable culinary skills paved a way for him to establish the famous television show Khana Khazana which has journeyed itself into the heart of the people from various countries for more than 18years. Mr. Sanjeev is the top five celebrity chef’s among Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck by the renowned Channel CNN.

His website takes the cake by recording 25million likes in a month. His art is not only with the walls of the kitchen but has made it to writing and he has published 36books that sold more than ten million copies. He then added a feather to his cap by coming to the star of the MasterChef India and he is now operating approximately 50 restaurants worldwide.